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Committee Person

The foundation of the Democratic Party of York County are precinct committee people.

Every four years, during the gubernatorial primary election cycle, precinct committee people are elected in every voting precinct, in every county in Pennsylvania.  Two registered Democrats from each precinct can be elected and win this seat. In York County, there are 161 voting precincts, which means there are a total of 322 committee seats on the ballot in 2022.

The precinct committee members are the volunteer organizers in their precincts. They are responsible for working with candidates to get the word out about their campaigns, they help register new voters, they work the polls to help convince undecided voters about their choices and they are the voice of the Democratic Party in their precinct.

Additionally, the York County Democratic Committee holds three meetings a year to bring committee people together to hear what is happening and to get input on the strategic path for Democrats here in the county. In June of the year committee, people are elected, and they also have the opportunity to vote for the county party chair, vice-chair, treasurer and secretary, and the leadership team for the next four years within the party.  Finally, committee people vote on all bylaw changes, thus no rules are created within the party without the voice of the elected committee people.

To get more information on becoming a precinct committee person, please fill in the form below and a party volunteer will follow up with you ASAP!

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