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Run For Office

One of the best methods for ensuring your voice gets heard is to run for office. While being a candidate can be a grueling process that consumes a lot of time and energy, the Democratic Party of York County works to make this process accessible to everyone. If you are interested in running for office, whether this year, next year or further int he future, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you. We offer regular candidate trainings and provide various resources to help you get elected.

Below you will also find the upcoming election cycles and the positions that will appear on the ballots. Odd numbered year elections are traditionally countywide and local elections while even numbered years are usually reserved for federal and state elections.


  • York County Commissioner
  • York County Sheriff
  • York County Treasurer
  • York County Register of Wills
  • York County Prothonotary
  • York County Clerk of Courts
  • School Board Elections (seats in all districts)
  • Municipal positions (Borough Mayors, Councils, Treasurers, etc)
  • Township Positions (Supervisor, Tax Collector, Auditors)
  • York City positions (City Council, Treasurer, Controller)


  • US President
  • PA Attorney General
  • PA Auditor General
  • PA Treasurer
  • Congressional Districts (all)
  • PA State Senate (odd districts)
  • PA State House (all districts)

Please also note that various judicial positions including the State Supreme Court, State Superior Court, State Commonwealth Court, York County Court of Common Pleas and District Magistrate positions appear on the ballot when a judges term of office has expired or a vacancy has opened on the court.

Are You Ready To Run?

If you are ready to be a candidate, please fill in the information below.


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