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Media Releases from the Democratic Party of York County


April 4, 2023

YORK, PA - The following statement has been issued by Chad Baker, Chair of the Democratic Party of York County, regarding the indictment of former President Donald Trump:

Many days in United States history are remembered less for their historical value and more for their notoriety. Today is one of those days as the first ever sitting or former President was arraigned on more than 30 counts of alleged crimes.

The arraignment of former President Donald Trump should not be celebrated but instead seen as proof that within the justice system of this country, no person can escape prosecution, regardless of their status. While the former President is innocent until proven guilty, this step of the judicial process shows signs of wrongdoing that many believe existed for decades.

Many allies of the former President believe this indictment is politically motivated. The fact is that a grand jury must have at least twelve jurors who believe an indictment should be issued. In this case, at least twelve individuals believe the former President should be indicted on more than 30 charges. That is not politically motivated; it is the justice system at work.

That said, everyone is entitled to a fair judicial process. Thus, the former President can prove his stated innocence in front of the court. Regardless of the outcome of this process, this is a historic day in American history and one more dark stain on an already tarnished presidency.

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