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School Board Races

School Board Elections (5 members elected per district) - ONLY REGISTERED DEMS LISTS

Central York School District

  • Amelia McMillan
  • Eric Anthony Oliver
  • Benjamin Walker

Dallastown School District

  • REGION 2
    • Wes Anderson
  • REGION 3
    • Michael Anderson
    • Shannan Donivan

Dover Area School District

  • Charles Rauhauser
  • Guy Hassinger

Eastern York School District

Hanover Area School District

Northeastern School District

  • Region 3
    • Debra J. Riek
    • Tiedra Marshall

Northern York School District

  • Region 2
    • Beth McLean

Red Lion Area School District

  • Region 2
    • Matt Keene

South Eastern York School District

South Western York School District

  • Amanda Rynearson Yiengst
  • Jay Clouspy
  • Thomas Zimmerman

South York School District

  • Amy Rebecca Hall
  • Charles Fallin
  • Rachael Zeleny

West Shore School District

  • REGION 2
    • Frederick Stoltenburg
    • Richie Treadway

West York School District

  • Jeanne Herman
  • Miguel Rivera, Jr.

York City School District

  • Cassandra Liggins
  • Diane Glover Brown
  • Micah Leonard
  • Michael Breeland

York Suburban School District

  • Ashley Turner
  • Lois Ann Schroeder
  • Nicole Hesson
  • Pinal Desai
  • Richard Robinson