York County, PA

Three Ways to Vote in 2020

Early Voting

Vote Over the Counter at the Board of Elections

Are you concerned with mailing in person and worried your mail in ballot won't be received in time, in PA you can go to your local Board of Elections Office and vote! 

Beginning September 14, you can go to the Board of Elections Office, apply for a mail in ballot and request it be printed on site. Once you receive the ballot, you can complete it on site, place in the proper envelopes and return it directly to the Board of Elections!

Vote By Mail

Request a Ballot and Vote from Home

Thanks to bi-partisan legislation, Pennsylvania offers voting by mail. It is simple to apply for a ballot and to complete and return your ballot. And, in spite of what the GOP says, it is a safe and tamper-proof process.

Vote At Your Polling Place

Vote in person on November 3

If you have voted in the past, you have most likely stood in line at your local polling place and cast your vote in person on Election Day. This option is available again 2020. If you decide to vote in person, be sure to follow the COVID policies in place for your polling place.