York County, PA






The Volunteer Coordinator serves as the initial contact and intake person for people who sign up online. A successful Volunteer Coordinator should be meticulous about keeping records and passionate about volunteer work. S/he should uphold the values of our organization while ensuring the comfort of our volunteers in their positions.

The Volunteer Coordinator will 

    • Welcome new volunteers 
    • Maintain list of volunteer opportunities within the DPOYC
    • Receive, track, and respond to online volunteer signups
    • Collect volunteer information including availability, interests, and skills
    • Match volunteers to opportunities that suit their skill sets 
    • Ensure volunteers understand their responsibilities
    • Ensure volunteers receive the proper training
    • Inform new and existing volunteers about the organization and volunteer opportunities

Volunteer Coordinator Requirements

    • Experience with volunteer management
    • Strong organization skills
    • Commitment to mission and goals of DPOYC
    • Solicit feedback from volunteers 
    • Submit quarterly report to Chair of Campaigns and Elections and DPOYC Chair
    • Participate in the development of onboarding materials