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The Chairman's Club is a tiered giving program. Based on the donation amount, donors receive a variety of benefits, including discounts and invitations to members-only events. The Chairman’s Club contributions help us attract and train quality candidates; run canvass and phone bank operations; reach voters through social media and press events; and more. Five levels of membership are available from $60 to $1000 per year. The ongoing contributions of the Club members make everything we do possible. 

We are forever grateful to the following Members of the DPOYC Chairman's Club  

Al and Tracey Testa

Alice Bortner

Barbara Woodmansee

Bernadette Flinchbaugh

Blade Kline

Brian Stetler

Carl Nelson

Carol Bair

Carol Downs-Brady

Carol Hill-Evans

Carol Stowell

Carroll Davenport

Charles Rhine

Chris Gendron

Christina Kauffman

Christina Stetler

Clark Ruppert

Connie Hahn

Cory Nade

Darlene Smith

Denise Todd

Doug Hoke

Douglas Ross

Ellen Johnson

George Zerba

Gregory Colburn

Helen Caldwell

Jeanne Buckingham

Joan Fulton

Joel Gordon

Kathleen Lucas

Kathy Engelhart

Kelly Adams

Lauren Andersen

Linda Hengst

Linda Seligson

Lora Ruppert

Lucinda Glassmoyer

Margaret Gotwald

Marlene Nelson

Marlene Shilling

Marta Peck

Mary Anne Bacas

Mary Barnes

Mary Ellen Monson

Mary Morse

Mary Osborn

Mary Zerba

Metza Whiteley

Michael Anderson

Michael Hendrix

Michael Johnson

Michael Schell

Norman Monson

Patricia Schell

Peggy Grove

Peri Jude Radecic

RIchard VanMetter

Ryan White

Salome Johnson

Sandra Gordon

Shirlee Smolin

Steven Agriss

Steven Musser

Suann Dillow

Tammy Hendrix

Terry Lied

Tom Maganas

Vladimir G and Valerie R Federoff

William Gierasch

William Marquis

William Ritter